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How are we different?

Liberty has an unique concept of Online Speed Dating, with the following attributes:

Time saving

You have only 5 minutes to discuss and decide if you are interested in the partner or proceed to another matching.

Two types of chat

Select Video and take a glance at your partner, or simply Chat and get positive vibes.

LGBT friendly

Liberty is an app suitable for people with different sexual preferences, from heterosexuals to LGBT.

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Match by your interests

We help you to find exactly
what are you looking for

Simply connect with your social media account or email, select your partner’s interests and proceed to speed dating. The system will match you taking in consideration previously selected interests, that will be autosaved until you’ll decide to change them.

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Get Involved

Use 5 minutes to
communicate & get involved

Once the matching started, you can’t skip the call or end it whenever you want. Communicate within the bounds of 5-minute timer and press Involve, if you are interested in your partner or proceed to another matching, if you aren't. Once you are both involved, you'll get into Liberty mode.

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Get into Liberty mode

Liberty mode brings you the possibility to end the conversation whenever you want. On the other hand, it means that now you may chat freely with this partner, anytime, without timer. Still, you won’t be able to video chat anymore, because this option is meant for speed dating only, not for your future communication.

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What People are Saying

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Lydia Munoz
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Liberty is a well-thought out app. It’s about online speed dating, between two partners. Both of you must involve and get into Liberty mode, if you are interested in each other and want to continue your communication. It doesn’t mean that you cannot communicate with others, while you are involved with someone. This information is private and, simply, you have no limits within the app. It’s Liberty - you are free to chat and video chat with anyone.
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Veronika Kolly
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I’m saying no to bad dates, worst dates and just extremely terrible dates! Liberty gives me an easy to use interface, while the vibe I'm getting from the users on here is laid back, friendly, and genuine. I definitely like that I have a lot of speed datings during the day, with no limits, what I cannot say about ordinary speed dating events.
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Jason Fernandez
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More than just a dating app. Liberty is one of the most engaging, fun and social apps around. You can match all day long with a lot of people and select the purpose of each conversation, between: dating, friendship or communication. Before Liberty, I had to meet people in person, my schedule is so busy and I don’t know anyone in town being that I just moved. Now, I don’t waste my time anymore, because I can meet anyone online and our date lasts only 5 minutes, but if we like each other, our online date may last as much as we both need.
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Eleanor Davis
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Yay! Finally I can say that I found an LGBT friendly dating app. The consideration Liberty puts into how different genders actually approach online dating seems well thought out. If you are a gay, be sure you won’t be matched with a natural guy nor with a woman, and you’ll avoid misunderstandings from the very beginning. Also, if you are too shy to video chat, you can always simply chat with your dating partners.

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